LoadHandler Reefer Alternators

Dual Internal Fan Alternators Designed for Refrigeration Applications

Utilizing the Cooling Power of Premium IdlePro™ Products

12V, 70- and 105-Amp Alternators

  • A completely new unit that was designed to provide reliable
    performance to the refrigeration transport market
  • Dual internal fan design – from premium IdlePro™ products – maintains optimum bearing temperatures during operation & minimizes heat damage for longer service life
  • Durable, premium brushed design to withstand a wide range of
    operating conditions and uses
  • Fully application tested – utilizing industry-leading performance testing protocols – to ensure proper engagement and operation in high heat conditions
  • Components and technology engineered specific to use
  • Coverage for popular refrigeration units found on class 5 through 8 trucks


System Voltage 12V
Temperature Rating -30ºC to 105ºC
Mounting 1” Spool Foot
Rotation Counter clockwise
Diodes 6 Avalanche diodes
Shaft Diameter A1737B, 17 mm Shaft
A1738B, 88.4 mm Pulley Diameter
A1739B, 5/8” Shaft
A1742B, 5/8” Shaft
Weight 70-Amp, 9 lbs.
105-Amp, 9.3 lbs.
Warranty Truck Applications, 1-Year*